Zexin HE

I am currently a first-year Ph.D. student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, advised by Prof. Jiaya Jia.

I received my B.Eng. degree at the Honors College of Beihang University, where I was a research intern at Cola Laboratory. I've also spent a wonderful time as an intern at SenseTime Research.

My research interests lie primarily in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, mainly focusing on Radiance Fields and Generative Models. I also have a broad interest in Bayesian Machine Learning and Computational Arts.

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Annimation for Ref-NPR
Cover Image for Ref-NPR
Ref-NPR: Reference-Based Non-Photorealistic Radiance Fields
Yuechen Zhang, Zexin He, Jinbo Xing, Xufeng Yao, Jiaya Jia.

arXiv Preprint, 2022
Paper / Project Page

We present a controllable scene stylization paradigm to stylize a 3D scene with a single stylized 2D view as reference. Ref-NPR propagates 2D style to 3D radiance fields and obtains high visual quality and visual correspondence.

Annimation for Bamboo
Cover Image for Bamboo
Bamboo: Building Mega-Scale Vision Dataset Continually with Human-Machine Synergy
Yuanhan Zhang, Qinghong Sun, Yichun Zhou, Zexin He, Zhenfei Yin, Kun Wang, Lu Sheng, Yu Qiao, Jing Shao, Ziwei Liu.

arXiv Preprint, 2022
Paper / Project Page / Demo / Code GitHub Repo stars

We build a mega-scale information-dense dataset for both classification and detection with active learning, which is 4 times larger than ImageNet and 2 times larger than Object365.

Annimation for CMT
Cover Image for CMT
Video Background Music Generation with Controllable Music Transformer
Shangzhe Di*, Zeren Jiang*, Si Liu, Zhaokai Wang, Leyan Zhu, Zexin He, Hongming Liu, Shuicheng Yan.

ACM MM, 2021 (Best Paper Award)
Paper / Project Page / Bibtex / Demo / Code GitHub Repo stars

Generate background music from an arbitrary video clip by establishing the correspondence between music features and video features as well as proposing a targeted music symbolic representation.

SmartMore Corporation Limited Mentor: Pengguang Chen, Shu Liu Jan. 2022 - Present
SenseTime Research Mentor: Jing Shao, Prof. Ziwei Liu Apr. 2021 - Dec. 2021
Cola Laboratory Advisor: Prof. Si Liu, Prof. Shuicheng Yan Oct. 2020 - Apr. 2021

Selected Awards
  • Winner Award, CVPR 2022 NAS Challenge Unseen Data Track

  • Best Paper Award, ACM Multimedia 2021

  • Best Video Award, IJCAI 2021 Video Competition

  • National Scholarship, China, 2019

  • First Prize, National Olympiad in Informatics (Sichuan, China), 2016

      AIST2010 | Introduction to Computer Music | 2022 Fall
      AIST3110 | Music Information Retrieval | 2023 Spring

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